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Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Accidents in Washington: No Laughing Matter

In the movies and on television, people slipping and falling are the height of physical comedy. Sure, it might be funny to watch someone slip on a banana peel on screen. However, in real life, a slip and fall can lead to serious injury.

Don't be embarrassed if you slip and fall in public. Remember, you are on another person or entity's property and it is their responsibility to keep that property safe for you. You might slip, fall, or trip inside or outside of a building. Conditions causing such an accident include:

  • Poorly maintained sidewalks or steps
  • Bad outdoor lighting
  • Debris or spills on floors
  • Uneven floors
  • Unmarked hazards

A Washington slip and fall attorney works tirelessly to ensure the negligent party or parties provide you with compensation for your injuries and suffering. You don't need the added headache of complicated paperwork and procedures while you should be focusing on your healing.

What to Do if You Slip and Fall

If you or a loved one slip and fall, try to keep the following in mind. Taking these simple steps can help your attorney start building your case immediately.

  • Get medical help if necessary, such as paramedics and police.
  • Report the fall to the property or storeowner, but do not give any statement.
  • Gather information. Get contact information from any witnesses and store or property employees.
  • Photograph and/or document the scene, especially the conditions that caused you to slip and fall.
  • As soon as possible, write down everything that happened while it's fresh in your mind. This will help your attorney document your case.
  • Contact a Washington slip and fall lawyer immediately for the best chance at a successful case. Time is of the essence with personal injury cases, no matter how small or how large.

Injuries from a slip and fall can be long lasting and affect you physically, financially, and emotionally. Don't let someone else's negligence bring your life to a halt. Contact a Tacoma personal injury lawyer and begin the process toward compensation today.