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Motorcycle Accidents

Staying Safe on the Road: Motorcycle Accidents

Washington is a beautiful place to live and a beautiful place to ride. Once the weather is warm and sunny, there's nothing like hitting the open road on your bike with the freedom and exhilaration only a motorcycle provides.

However, every positive does have a negative. Any personal injury attorney in Tacoma can tell you about motorcycle accidents and the devastation they can cause. The very thing that bikers love about their motorcycles — being closer to the road, unconfined by the structure of a car — is what makes motorcycle accidents so much more serious than auto accidents. A motorcyclist has no "cage" or protective barrier to keep him or her safe in the event of a crash.

When Other Drivers Aren't Careful

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (, a motorcyclist is involved in a crash every four hours. A large amount of these crashes results in serious injuries and fatalities. Typically, motorcycle accidents occur with another vehicle like a car or truck. Here are some reasons why:

  • Motorcycles are small. Bikes can tend to "hide" in another vehicle's blind spot and then get hit when that vehicle changes lanes or merges.
  • Tailgating. Cars must keep a safe distance behind a motorcycle. Rear-ending another car usually results in a fender-bender. Rear-ending a motorcycle can result in flipping the bike upside-down.
  • Left-hand turns. Cars making left-hand turns hit many motorcyclists, not noticing a motorcycle coming straight through the intersection with the right of way.

Keeping Yourself Safe

As a motorcyclist, you also have a responsibility to keep yourself safe. Washington requires all motorcyclists to wear a helmet. You also should remember:

  • Adhere to speed limits, and adjust accordingly to weather and road conditions
  • Never drink and drive
  • Understand the limitations of your bike
  • Wear bright colors so others can see you
  • Be alert and aware of other drivers and road conditions

If you suffer injury in a motorcycle accident, contact a Tacoma attorney immediately. Your lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve and start the healing process.