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We seek to reach a favorable outcome for our clients, whether that is through skillful negotiations and mediation, or through trial. We want you to know that while we take an aggressive approach in the courtroom, we are compassionate when working directly with clients.

Tacoma Family Law Attorney

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Going through difficult legal issues that involve you, your spouse and your kids makes even simple tasks feel challenging. While it may seem like there is a long road ahead of you, with help from an experienced family lawyer each step can make the entire process seem easier.

At our firm, you can feel confident knowing that an experienced attorney will be advocating for your interests. We are the legal team at the Law Offices of Clayton R. Dickinson, and we represent clients throughout the Tacoma area in family law matters. We take initiative and work proactively on behalf of our clients.

Tacoma Lawyers Handling Contested And Uncontested Divorces, As Well As Family Law Matters

We offer a wide range of services in the area of family law, including:

  • Divorce — We handle contested and uncontested divorce cases, as well as military divorce cases on joint base Lewis-McChord.
  • Child support — We handle child support enforcement, modifications and other matters.
  • Property division/spousal support — Our lawyers will help determine fair and equal property division, including division of assets, debts and real property. We will also help determine if you are entitled to (or entitled to pay) spousal maintenance.
  • Child custody/relocation — We are known for our abilities to develop creative custody schedules and resolve complicated custody disputes.
  • Domestic violence — We represent victims of domestic violence and also represent those who are facing wrongful accusations involving domestic violence.
  • Collaborative law/mediation — Attorney Clay Dickinson is highly experienced in collaborative law and in resolving family law disputes through mediation and effective negotiations. Talk to our team to learn more about the benefits of mediation.
  • Paternity — We handle legal cases involving unwed parents, custody, visitation and paternity matters. At our firm, we represent both mothers and fathers.
  • Adoption — Bringing a child into your family is a big step and commitment. Our team can help make this process seamless and make the transition as easy as possible.

Advocacy At All Times

Our family law attorneys in Pierce County understand that the legal and personal issues associated with divorce, custody and other family law matters can be overwhelming. We will protect your rights now and in the future, and work to reach a favorable outcome.

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