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We seek to reach a favorable outcome for our clients, whether that is through skillful negotiations and mediation, or through trial. We want you to know that while we take an aggressive approach in the courtroom, we are compassionate when working directly with clients.

Property Division / Spousal Support

Tacoma Property Division Attorneys

Financial stability after divorce is a big concern that many people have. Ensuring that your assets, debts and property are divided equally is also a significant concern that many people have. Your concerns should be your attorney's top priority. It is in your best interests to work with an experienced attorney who has the ability to be creative and is knowledgeable of divorce and family law in Washington. At our firm, we offer the level of experience you are seeking.

At the Law Offices of Clayton R. Dickinson, we have been representing clients in Tacoma and throughout the surrounding areas in divorce and family law matters. We handle complex and high net worth divorce for business owners and professionals, as well as all other issues relating to property division, spousal support (maintenance) and child support.

Dividing Property And Determining Spousal Support In Washington

Different types of property assets and debts brought into the marriage will be subject to equitable or fair distribution in a divorce. Whether you and your spouse have come to an agreement on division of property and assets, or we are representing your interests in court — we will work diligently to protect your rights. Our property division lawyers in Tacoma will explain the steps in the divorce process, from valuating assets to separating marital and nonmarital property. We are here to answer your questions, which may include:

  • How will my retirement accounts be divided?
  • What if I want my spouse to be able to keep health insurance benefits?
  • What happens if a family business is involved?
  • Will I be required to pay support/maintenance to my spouse forever?

Mediation/Collaborative Law

As a trial lawyer, attorney Clay Dickinson has the skills and know-how to thoroughly prepare a case and to negotiate on behalf of his clients. He has effectively transferred these skills to using mediation to settle divorce cases. Mediation gives you more power in the decision-making process and is often less time-consuming and more cost-effective than trial.

Serving Areas Such As Puyallup — Spousal Support Lawyers

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