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Lakewood, WA - Military Retirement Payment Attorneys

Are you a member of the military but currently going through a divorce? Are you considering a divorce but scared that your spouse may take your retirement? Family law is never simple, but it becomes more complicated when one or more family members are in the military. If you are in the military and in need of a military family law attorney, pick up the phone and call Clayton r. Dickinson in Lakewood, Washington.

Will My Spouse Get My Military Retirement?

In most cases, military retirement money is seen as money that can be distributed and divided during a divorce. That doesn’t mean it will definitely be given to your spouse and your attorney will work hard to make sure you are treated fairly and your money is not given away unfairly. Most people assume that when money and assets are distributed in a divorce, each party gets half. This isn’t always true and when the distribution concerns a military retirement payment, there are several things that can determine how the money is distributed and who gets what amount. An experienced military family law attorney will fight to prove that you deserve the biggest share of the money because you earned it.

How Can An Attorney Help Me?

Not only will your attorney negotiate the terms of the distribution of your military retirement payment, he will also make sure you understand those terms and are comfortable each step of the way. It’s natural to have questions during a divorce or the hearing for the final divorce decree. If you have any questions about the divorce process or how your money and assets can or will be divided, you can rest assured that Clayton R. Dickinson will have the answers. Any attorney will be by your side through the entire process and help you feel confident in court.

You served your country and you deserve your military retirement payment. If you are in the process of a divorce or feel that one is eminent and want to make sure you military retirement money is protected or distributed fairly. Now is the time to call Clayton R. Dickinson in Lakewood, Washington at (253) 235-4689 today.