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We seek to reach a favorable outcome for our clients, whether that is through skillful negotiations and mediation, or through trial. We want you to know that while we take an aggressive approach in the courtroom, we are compassionate when working directly with clients.

Lakewood, WA - Child Custody Attorneys

Child custody disputes are common in Lakewood, Washington and if you are going through a divorce or have recently gone through one and are now trying to establish paternity, set up child support payments or gain custody of your children, you need an attorney who is qualified and experienced with family law cases. Clayton R. Dickinson is the right attorney for the job.

My Custody Case Is Complicated, Is That Okay?

Clayton R. Dickinson has dealt with numerous custody cases over the years and each one has been unique in its own way. No matter how complicated or different your case might be, there is no case that Clayton R. Dickinson can’t handle or won’t accept. Child custody can be a stressful and confusing process, but with the help of a dedicated family law attorney, it can be made much simpler.

What Can An Attorney Help me With?

There can be many sides and aspects of a child custody case and while some can be cleared up fairly quickly and easily, some require extensive research and planning. Don’t let the legal process intimidate you. Let Clayton R. Dickinson help you with your child custody issues, including:

  • Child support
  • Custody
  • Shared parenting
  • Adoption
  • Visitation

If you already have custody, visitation or child support arrangements set up, an attorney can help you modify and/or enforce them.

Can I Afford To Have An Attorney Take My Case?

Many people are under the impression that attorneys are something only rich people can afford. This is not true and nowadays, attorney services are very affordable. When you call Clayton R. Dickinson, you can discuss the legal fees involved with your case so you know exactly what to expect and how much you will have to pay before you start. You may be surprised at just how affordable a qualified and experienced attorney in Lakewood, Washington can be.

If you are ready to fight for custody, establish paternity or arrange for child support payments, it’s time to call family law attorney Clayton R. Dickinson today at(253) 235-4689.