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Military Divorce - Deemed Election for Survivor Benefit Plan

Any type of divorce can be emotionally draining and confusing. Military divorces can be even more confusing because there are so many more legal aspects involved. In the state of Washington, military divorces are common. Clayton R. Dickinson is knowledgeable of the military divorce legal process and will happily assist you with any of your legal needs.

One of the things that many military members struggle with is determining who is entitled to military benefits after a divorce. A military member’s spouse is entitled to receive survivor benefits even after a divorce has been finalized. This is called deemed election. Even if a military member remarries, the former spouse may still be able to collect benefits.

What You Should Know About The Military Survival Benefit Plan

  • A former spouse can still collect benefits after a divorce unless the plan is legally modified
  • Some divorce settlements will allow a spouse to stay on the plan
  • You can have this plan modified during or after a divorce
  • Your current spouse may have to turn benefits over to a former spouse if modification is not made

While the military survival benefit plan is a great idea, it can be hard to understand and many people do not understand how the benefits work until it is too late. If you are in need of legal assistance regarding a military divorce or survivor benefits, hire an attorney who is familiar with the law. Let Clayton R. Dickinson help you set up your plan to match your needs and desires.

What If I Don’t Want A Former Spouse To Receive Survivor Benefits?

If you have recently divorced or are going through the divorce process and want to change your benefits plan so that your ex-spouse is no longer on the plan, you will need the help of an attorney. Your attorney will revise the plan and help you take your case before a judge. Once the plan is modified, your attorney will review it and explain what it means for you. You may want to modify your plan several times in your life and Clayton R. Dickinson will always be right by your side whenever you need him.

If you are struggling to get through a military divorce and have questions or concerns about your survivor benefits plans or other aspects of the divorce, let Clayton R. Dickinson help you. Call (253) 235-4689 now.