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University Place, WA - DUI or Related Criminal Offense

1-13-15 – DUI or Related Criminal Offense – Clayton R. Dickenson Law – EG KRAMAR

Residents of the State of Washington and the town of University Place have come to know and trust the Law Offices of Clayton R. Dickenson for the firm’s forthright presence and well known reputation as lawyers over the past 30 plus years. Their skills in Criminal Law are well known and fully appreciated across the State of Washington, where they have earned a solid reputation, especially in Criminal Law.

Washington State Is Known For Its Tough DUI Laws
That’s saying a lot, as the laws and legal system in Washington are said to be among the toughest and most difficult of any of the neighboring states. It takes more than adequate legal skills to maneuver through our system. As a client, you will certainly find that to be to your advantage, especially if you have been involved in a DUI or related criminal offense.

If you are involved and charged with a DUI, move quickly and contact the Dickinson Firm at (253) 235-4689 In Washington State, this is regarded as a serious offense. Washington has perhaps the strictest DUI laws in the nation. One thing is certain, you don’t want to lose. If you do, you can face heavy fines, loss of your driving privileges or the worst of all scenarios, jail time.

  • Going It Alone Is A Bad Idea*
    In some states, drivers facing DUI charges often attempt to defend themselves. In Washington and in University Place, that is considered a bad choice. Most locals agree that your best chances lie in having a well qualified attorney at your side, someone who knows the ins and outs of Washington as well as the players within the system itself.

That someone is overwhelmingly Clayton R. Dickinson, a champion of the people of Washington State.

Consequences of Hiring The Wrong Attorney
Just imagine the consequences of losing your driving privileges, not to mention the large fines that go along with the sentence. Imagine the effect on your family, your status in the community and at your place of employment. Imagine the even worse scenario that occurs if this DUI is a repeat offense.

Don’t Take Chances
Call the Law Offices of Clayton R. Dickenson. Give yourself a fighting chance and a better opportunity to win. The phone number is: (253) 235-4689.