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We seek to reach a favorable outcome for our clients, whether that is through skillful negotiations and mediation, or through trial. We want you to know that while we take an aggressive approach in the courtroom, we are compassionate when working directly with clients.

University Place, Washington - Divorce Attorneys

Dealing with a divorce is never easy but if you have tried everything in your power to save your marriage and are still unable to work things out with your spouse, it may be the only option left. Many couples are able to end their marriages amicably and with little fighting. Others are not so lucky and things get so out of hand that they have to be settled in court. If you are ready to file for divorce from your spouse of if you spouse has already filed and you are in need of an attorney to represent you in divorce court, call Clayton R. Dickinson in University Place, Washington.

What Types Of Divorce Cases Does Clayton R. Dickinson Handle?

Divorce isn’t a simple process and there are a lot of things that need to be decided and settled in divorce court. Clayton R. Dickinson will make sure that all of this is handled and anything you want to question or bring up during your divorce will be covered. These things can include:

  • Assets
  • Spousal support
  • Custody arrangements
  • Child support
  • Bill distribution
  • Living arrangements

And more…

Clayton R. Dickinson will be happy to discuss anything that pertains to your divorce and work hard to see that you get the results you want and deserve.

Do I Really Need An Attorney For A Divorce?

Not everyone chooses to hire an attorney when they are going through a divorce. An attorney will come in handy when the opposing counsel starts to get aggressive and begins to make demands for their client. You could lose the money or assets that you worked hard for or even worse, you may not get the custody arrangements you want with your children. Let an attorney do all of the bargaining and arguing. Don’t try to represent yourself or go to divorce court alone.

If you are ready to file for divorce or need a divorce attorney to help you with your divorce case, it’s time to call Clayton R. Dickinson in University Place, Washington. You deserve to have your right protected and for someone who is knowledgeable of the law to fight on your behalf. Call (253) 235-4689 today.