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University Place, Washington Child Support Modification Attorneys

When you get divorced or separated and children are involved, things can be difficult and confusing. One parent is often granted custody of a child while the other payment is ordered to help care for that child financially by paying child support. A judge decides who pays and how much is paid but sometimes that amount just isn’t reasonable. If you have been ordered to pay child support but have fallen on hard times and need to have the support agreement modified, call Clayton R. Dickinson in University Place, Washington for assistance.

Can I Get My Child Support Amount Raised Or Lowered?

Some people don’t realize that a child support agreement can be changed if necessary. Whether you are paying child support but feel as though the amount is too high or that you are unable to afford it or if you receive child support payments but want to request a larger amount of money, family law attorney Clayton R. Dickinson can help.

What Does A Judge Consider When Making A Modification?

Not all modifications are approved and a judge will take a lot of things into consideration before deciding if a child support order should be changed or in some cases dropped. Some of these factors include:

  • Financial resources
  • Child’s standard of living
  • Financial need of the child
  • Financial need of the custodial parent
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Food costs
  • Housing costs
  • Anything else that is considered a child cost and that should be the shared responsibility of each parent

Many of these things were taken into consideration when the original order was made, but the details may have changed since then, meaning the case needs to be reevaluated. Your attorney will help you decide which aspects to bring up to the judge and explain how each one can affect a child support order.

I’m Ready To Get Started

If your child support plan is causing you to struggle emotionally or financially, the sooner you can get it modified, the better. If you are ready to get the ball rolling on your child support payment modification case, call an experienced family law attorney for help. Call Clayton R. Dickinson in University Place, Washington today at(253) 235-4689.