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University Place, Washington - Child Custody Attorneys

If you are going through a divorce or separation and have children, a lot of thoughts and worries can run through your mind. Who will get custody of the kids? Will I have visitation rights? Will I have to pay child support? These are all common questions to have during a child custody dispute and if you are living in University Place, Washington, you can count on family law attorney Clayton R. Dickinson to answer them.

Who Determines If I Get Custody Of My Kids?

Child custody is decided by a judge in a courtroom and there are many factors that are considered before a custody decision is made. Fifty year ago, it was common for the mother of the children to always be granted custody. Today, that is not always true and fathers have just as many rights as mothers do in the courtroom. If you are seeking custody of your child or children and are ready to go before a judge, call Clayton R. Dickinson to help you with your case.

Will I Have To Pay Child Support?

In most cases, the non-custodial payment will assist the custodial parent with the financial aspect of raising a child or children. Child support is not necessary in all cases and the judge will make a decision based on income, need and the custody arrangement. Your attorney can help negotiate the child support order and make sure that if you do have to pay child support, you are given a fair and affordable amount.

I Go To Court Soon, Is It Too Late To Hire An Attorney?

It is never too late to call for a consultation with an attorney. Clayton R. Dickinson is happy to take your case and fight for your parental rights. If you are a parent, you deserve to be a part of your child’s life and Clayton R. Dickinson will fight to make that happen during every step of the case.

If you are having a custody dispute with your spouse or the parent or guardian of your child, pick up the phone and call an experienced child custody attorney in University Place, Washington. Call attorney Clayton. R. Dickinson today at (253) 235-4689.